Thoughts on the Way Home

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Musings - An Introduction

I'm going to try and begin contributing something new to our blog, things I'll call "Musings" (meaning "reflections" or "contemplations"). Basically, they will work like this: as I read through my daily Scripture portions (though I won't promise that the Musings will be posted every day), I'll attempt to stop and muse over (as illustrated in the above photo) a section or verse that sticks out to me. I will then slap some notes up on the blog which resulted from the muse session (which is kind of like a "jam session," except you "muse" instead of "jam"). I don't intead to provide a commentary, per se, just some very brief thoughts that (hopefully) illuminate the passage, make connections with other passages, bring out things that may not be immediately obvious, raise questions, and so forth.

I have severe adult ADHD, so I have no idea how long this idea will last; but as long as it does, I hope the Musings are edifying to our readers.