Thoughts on the Way Home

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

He was a Stutterer

I was especially blessed by these two things in, "He was a Stutterer," by James Alexander Stewart.

"We had one thing in common; the three of us were text-carriers. We carried gospel placards through the busy streets and would sometimes shout out gospel texts as we walked. We were fools for Christ's sake."

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James Stewart recounting his reluctance to pray for the physical healing of his stuttering friend, Herbert Brown:

"I am afraid that I only prayed halfheartedly for full deliverance, for I knew many great evangelical pulpiteers who could soar to great heights of oratory, but who had no power. They had eloquence and diction, but there was something sadly lacking in their ministry. After all, for what did we preach the gospel except for the salvation of lost men and women on their way to eternal damnation? What good is a beautiful sermon if it leaves the sinners unmoved in their seats? Herbert got results in personal and public ministry, and that is what really mattered. I was convinced that even though a dear brother in the Lord possessed as many as three college degrees and if he were the most polished speaker of Great Britain, all this learning and polish would go for nothing unless the mantle of the Holy Spirit rested upon him in love and power. On the other hand, I had seen already, even as a young man, how God had used ordinary common instruments whom the Christian leaders would have cast aside and despised. This was a supernatural work in which we were engaged. It was true that God used human personalities, but if these personalities trusted their own words of wisdom alone, then it were better to have a handicap which makes one realize his utter dependence on God."

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