Thoughts on the Way Home

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Are Single Women Useful on the Mission Field?

Apparently during the 1860's some were questioning whether or not single women missionaries were that valuable, especially in the deep interior of unreached China. One group had said it was a "waste of life and energy" and that there were "no openings for their labors."

Mrs. Maria Taylor responded this way -

"Oh, how can any one who knows the love of Christ look round upon these groping, perishing heathen and call any expenditure "a waste" which brings about their conversion! Had we the right people and suitable accommodation, I believe that twenty sisters could easily find work in Hangchow tomorrow. I feel pretty sure I could find work for ten Miss Fauldings and ten Miss Bowyers. The Lord ever keep them as simple and true-hearted as they are!"

And Mr. Taylor said this regarding the single women's labors of kindness, love and visiting house to house -

"No mightier power has been entrusted to us than the true sympathy that identified itself with those it seeks to benefit. It carried the heart captive; and to get close to the hearts of the people is our great aim, to win their confidence and love our daily object. ... In its actual influence on the people at large, I am strongly inclined to consider it the most powerful agency at our disposal."

How's that!

And on a personal note, I just heard two days ago from a missionary to Panama that said two single women served in Ecuador for forty years without seeing any converts. Sometime after the first woman died, a massive awakening spread through the Indian people to which they had ministered the good news. Single women... 40 faithful years walking with Christ... no converts... breakthrough! Praise the Lord.