Thoughts on the Way Home

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Christ's Love in Us

H. Taylor on our need for Christ's love toward the lost (taken from 'The Growth of a Work of God'):

"One thing, and one only, will carry men through all and make and keep them successful: the Love of Christ, constraining and sustaining, is the only adequate power. Not our love to Christ, nor, perhaps, even Christ's love to us personally; rather His love to poor, ruined sinners in us. Many waters will not quench that love, nor floods drown it. That love will seek the wandering sheep until they are found; and if, when found, they are but wayward, wandering sheep still, will yet love and care for them. Oh, beloved friends, pray that this love may be in us, abide in us, dwell richly in us all who are already on the field, and in those who join us. But this love will not be put into anyone by a journey to China. If it be not there already, a change from a more to a less favorable sphere is not likely to produce or develop it. Our aim, therefore, must be to ascertain as far as possible whether it exists..."

Let's take his advice. If we feel coldness instead of love, let's get alone with God confess it and pray about it.

"If I have all faith so as to remove mountains... and have not love, I am nothing." - The Apostle Paul