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Friday, November 27, 2009

A Free Man's Song - Stephen Gates

UPDATE: This was originally posted back in August, but since then, the site I was using to host the music files went the way of all flesh. I've since found a new site to host the files, so I wanted to update the links, and once again draw attention to this post for those who are interested.

One of the greatest blessings I've experienced over the last few years was the conversion of my friend, Stephen Gates, a couple of years ago. Ever since, he has been a tremendous encouragement to me personally and to the body of believers here, especially through the use of his gifts as a musician.

When God saves a man, He puts a new song in his mouth (Ps. 40:3; Rev. 5:9). Stephen has compiled some of those new songs into an album he calls A Free Man's Song. Three of the tracks are covers ("He Brought Me Out", "Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord" and "Give Thinks"), while the other seven are originals. You can listen to the entire album below:

If you're having trouble getting the embedded player to work - or if you want to have the album on your own computer - you can also freely download tracks from A Free Man's Song using the following download links:

01 Not Myself.mp3

02 Take Me.mp3

03 He Brought Me Out.mp3

04 Bring Life.mp3

05 Words of Life.mp3

06 Count It Loss.mp3

07 Thy Way, Not Mine, O Lord.mp3

08 Turn.mp3

09 Give Thanks.mp3

10 Saviour.mp3

If you would like to get in touch with Stephen regarding his music, or to send him a gift for his labors, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to put you in touch with him. I know he would certainly appreciate any feedback you might have. Also, if anyone would like a hard copy of the CD, I would be glad to provide that as well.

May the Lord be pleased to use these songs for His glory, and for the edification of His church. I know Stephen desires nothing more than this.