Thoughts on the Way Home

Monday, September 14, 2009

Christ Has a Co-Pilot? - Mack Tomlinson


Catholic View of Who is Man's Mediator

In response to the biblical view of Christ being the one and only Redeemer and heavenly Mediator, a Catholic gave the following response:

"One could perhaps get around concern about elevating Mary to the same redemptive level as her Son by conceiving the titles Redeemer and co-redeemer along the lines of the titles "pilot and co-pilot." A co-pilot is not the pilot, but assists him/her [...] in the job of guiding the plane and its occupants to their destination. So Christ is the unique Redeemer/pilot leading us to our final destination with the special assistance of his Mother, his subordinate co-pilot."

Quite a twisting of words--shows us how words can make heresy sound plausible and not so bad to undiscerning souls. But error is still error, regardless of how you dress it up. Such a view is nothing but blasphemy and anti-Christ. Smooth words do not change the reality of such dangerous and damning teaching.

-- Mack Tomlinson