Thoughts on the Way Home

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some Thoughts on Evolution

"The knee menisci were once thought to be functionless remnants of a leg muscle and expendable components of the knee. Much has been learned through laboratory investigation, clinical experience, and radiologic imaging. The meniscus is now known to play an important role in the complex biomechanisms of the knee. For instance, it is involved in joint stability, load sharing and transmission, shock absorption, and nutrition and lubrication of the articular cartilage." - eMedicine

This sort of thing happens all of the time. Macro evolutionists try to prove their case by presenting parts of the body which seem to be flukes of the evolutionary process. At a later date the inevitable discovery is made - the part serves a vital function in the overall makeup of the human body. This same thing happened more recently concerning the appendix, which was long thought to be a "vestigial organ".

The bottom line: Before you let the latest scientific theist-turned-atheist destroy your faith simply give research 10 years to catch up to the Bible.