Thoughts on the Way Home

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

"St. Paul" by Frederic Myers

This is currently my favorite section in all of verse. It is taken from St. Paul. The whole thing is worth reading. One help - "descried" means "to catch sight of."

God, who at sundry times in manners many
Spake to the fathers and is speaking still,
Eager to find if ever or if any
Souls will obey and hearken to His will;—

Who that one moment has the least descried Him,
Dimly and faintly, hidden and afar,
Doth not despise all excellence beside Him,
Pleasures and powers that are not and that are,—

Ay amid all men bear himself thereafter
Smit with a solemn and a sweet surprise,
Dumb to their scorn and turning on their laughter
Only the dominance of earnest eyes—