Thoughts on the Way Home

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whitefield's Humility

George Whitefield…turned the entire ministry over to Wesley and stepped aside as leader. “I have no party to be at the head of,” he wrote, “and through God’s grace I will have none; but as much as in me lies, I will strengthen the hands of all of every denomination that preach Jesus Christ in sincerity.” When his followers protested his decision, he said, “Let my name be forgotten, let me be trodden under the feet of all men, if Jesus may thereby be glorified…. Let us look above names and parties; let Jesus be our all in all… I care not who is uppermost. I know my place… even to be the servant of all. He sent a letter to the godly Lady Huntingdon in which he said, “Oh, that I may learn from all I see to desire to be nothing and to think it my highest privilege to be an assistant to all but the head of none.”

HT: Symphony of Scripture (taken from Wiersbe's 50 People Every Christian Should Know)