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Friday, May 21, 2010

Dr. Shippen on Edwards' Death

Owen/Strachen in Jonathan Edwards on Heaven and Hell relate the following account of Edwards' death. - mv

After he fell ill from a vaccination gone wrong in 1758, the pastor, so ambitious and able, rapidly came near his death. The account of his passing by his doctor, William Shippen, shows that Jonathan took his own counsel seriously (to keep eternity in view - mv). He met his end with eternity fully in view, as Shippen related:
And never did any mortal man more fully and clearly evidence the sincerity of all his professions, by one continued, universal, calm, cheerful resignation, and patient submission to the divine will, through every stage of his disease, than he; not so much as one discontented expression, nor the least appearance of murmuring through the whole. And never did any person expire with more perfect freedom from pain;--not so much as one distorted hair--but in the most proper sense of the words, he really fell asleep. Death had certainly lost its sting, as to him.