Thoughts on the Way Home

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pilgrim of the Heavenly Way - Dan Smith

Pilgrim of the Heavenly Way is the relatively unknown biography of Dan Smith. I had to get my copy from a secondhand bookstore in New Zealand. On finding they had more, I bought every one they had! So I'm delighted to see Granted Ministries Press has reprinted the work. It's currently available for pre-order here. Those who have read the book will agree with the following recommendation from Charles Leiter:

"It is a delight to see this autobiography of Dan Smith being reprinted for a new generation of readers. From beginning to end, its pages exude the fragrance of authentic New Testament Christianity. There are miraculous healings, direct divine leadings, and supernatural deliverances from death. The God of Dan Smith was a living God. Yet, at the same time, humility, sanity, and lack of sensationalism characterize everything that is written. The man whom God used in special ways among the Nosu tribesmen of China was a painfully shy youth who knew quite well his own weakness in the midst of God’s power. I highly recommend this book.”

—CHARLES LEITER, pastor and author, Justification and Regeneration