Thoughts on the Way Home

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pursuing Marriage Biblically


The best sermon I have ever heard on pursuing marriage was given a few years ago by Ryan Fullerton at Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville. It doesn't answer every question a person might have, but it will give a necessary foundation to begin from. If you are single, it is a MUST HEAR sermon.

But, this is not only a message for singles. Every member of the body of Christ needs to have a Biblical understanding of this issue, especially in our day when there is rampant ignorance even among Christians as to how a marriage should be pursued, not to mention the pressures from an ungodly culture to conform to a worldly standard. So even if you are not a single person, this is still a must hear sermon for you as well. Ryan's message can be downloaded from HERE, or listened to below:

On a related note, I would also encourage everyone to listen to Ryan's sermon on modesty, called "Modesty is Freedom," which can be downloaded HERE, or listened to below:

This is an eye-opening message, and a passionate plea for believers to embrace the path of holiness when it comes to our clothing, while at the same time avoiding the legalistic bent that often accompanies a teaching on modesty.

Download, listen, and pass these sermons on to others!