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Thursday, January 20, 2011

MC Ryan Fullerton?


Ryan, I had to.  You KNOW I had to!

I cannot say enough about Marcus “Flame” Gray’s new album, “Captured.” Once again, he has put together an album that combines musical and creative excellence with profound theological depth. As far as I’m concerned, Flame is a genius, and this album is a must-buy both for hip-hop fans and for all those others who might need to broaden their horizons. My favorite tracks on here are “Nonsense,” “Alive,” “All I Need,” and “Move.” The cameo by MC Ryan Fullerton is also at the top of my list, so be sure to listen to “Daniel 10.”
MC Ryan Fullerton?  Surely were not talking about THIS guy, are we?  But here's the really funny part.

Flame's new album was reviewed, track by track, over at Manifold Grace Weekly.  Here's what the reviewer had to say about MC Ryan Fullerton's contribution to the album:
“Daniel 10” – Though this powerful sermon excerpt from Flame’s pastor, Ryan Fullerton of Immanuel Baptist Church, is a bit lengthy EVERY second is worth listening to.
A bit lengthy?  Just how long is this sermon excerpt?  Well, according to the Amazon product page, it is exactly three minutes long.  Three minutes!  In other words, MC-RF's (i.e., MC Ryan Fullerton's) preaching is so dull and boring, that even three minutes of it feels like a looooong time!

Seriously though, the sermon excerpt that Flame used is from a message that I mentioned a while back because it is an extremely helpful message on prayer.  If you haven't listened to it yet, do so HERE.  It is a little longer than three minutes, but you can make it!

All together now: MC!  MC!  MC!  MC! . . .