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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Excellency of Knowing Christ


“The knowledge of Christ is profound and large; all other sciences are but shadows; this is a boundless, bottomless ocean. Though something of Christ be unfolded in one age, and something in another, yet eternity itself cannot fully unfold him. There be many excellent things in Christ, that the most eagle-eyed believer has not yet seen.

It is in the studying of Christ, as in the planting of a new discovered country; at first men sit down by the sea-side, upon the skirts and borders of the land; and there they dwell, but by degrees they search farther and farther into the heart of the country. Ah, the best of us are yet but upon the borders of this vast continent!

Take heed that you rest not satisfied with that knowledge of Christ you have attained, but grow on towards perfection. It is the sin, even of the best of saints, when they see how deep the knowledge of Christ lies, and what pains they must take to dig for it, to throw aside the shovel of duty, and cry, “Dig, we cannot.”

To your work, Christians, to your work; let not your candle go out: devote yourselves to this study, count all but dross in comparison of that excellency which is in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

— John Flavel, The Fountain of Life (Edinburgh, UK: Banner of Truth)

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