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Monday, May 07, 2012

Nothing Remains for Us But to Sing Hallelujah!


“All that mankind have heaped up to themselves against the day of God’s holy and righteous wrath — their forgetfulness of God, their selfish conduct, their disobedience, pride, worldly-mindedness, their filthy lusts, hypocrisy, falsehood, hardheartedness, and deceit — all are united and mingled in this cup, and ferment together into a horrible potion.

‘Shall I not drink this cup?’ asks the Saviour. ‘Yes,’ we reply, ‘empty it, beloved Immanuel! We will kiss thy feet, and offer up ourselves to Thee upon Thy holy altar!’ He has emptied it, and not a drop remains for His people. The satisfaction He rendered was complete, the reconciliation effected, and now nothing remains for us but to sing Hallelujah!”

— F. W. Krummacher
The Suffering Savior
(Edinburgh, UK: Banner of Truth, 2004), 139

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