Thoughts on the Way Home

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Short Articles for Parents


Who is Writing Your Child's Story? - Jim Eliff

Would you like to write the script for your child’s future? Of course you would.
Let’s face it, parents are concerned about their kids whether they’re 9 or 39. And they should be . . . in a certain way, and up to a certain point.
When children are small, families are engineered for parental caretaking. Mom knows and cares if the teeth are brushed, and if they are brushed correctly. But a wise parent releases more and more of his/her meticulous oversight as the child grows, in hopes of making a sensible, independent, cogitating human out of that unruly blob of wiggling flesh.
When a child leaves home, except in certain special cases, the child is to function on his or her own, handling money, getting jobs, building relationships, taking care of life in general, and caring for his or her own spiritual development. At first, they were part of the parent’s story; but when they are grown, and out of the home, God begins writing a new story through their lives.
Yet, we parents, even those of us who believe in Christ, often find it difficult to sit back and let God write the story He wants with our children’s lives.

The Sleepover Question: What to Consider Before Saying Yes - Daryl Wingerd

Some parents are already cautious about allowing their children to attend sleepovers, but many others casually or routinely say “yes” without much thought. Perhaps they are unwilling to disappoint their child, or fearful of offending the inviting family. Maybe they just don’t see any potential harm in their kids spending the night at a friend’s house.

Are there really any significant risks associated with something as kid-friendly as a sleepover? If so, what are they?