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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How the Church Grows


A good reminder HERE from David Mathis:
If God one day, to your great surprise, gives you a ministry to the masses, that's all well and good. But it's not the goal to be pursued. Not the ideal for every Christian to keep pressing toward. 
The bread and butter of how the church grows and her gospel advances is not mass-focused ministry, but in relational, intentional discipling of the few. Such life-on-life disciplemaking is how our Savior himself invested his best earthly energies during his three-plus-year public ministry (leading toward his unique mass-relevant ministry at Golgotha). 
The calling on Average Joe Christian is the Commission calling, to disciple all nations, not by personally preaching in stadium events to every one of them, but by discipling a few at a time in an ongoing process toward mature Christianity, who in turn disciple a few others. And thus we slowly (but effectively) reach the world as Jesus himself did not only with his inimitable work on the cross, but also with his oh-so-imitable work of discipling a few.

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HT: Melissa Yakes