Thoughts on the Way Home

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Acceptance in the Beloved

“Our salvation is all in Christ– our righteousness is all in Christ– our merit is all in Christ– our completeness is all in Christ– in Christ our Covenant Head, our Surety and Mediator; and no flaw in our obedience, no defect in our love, no failure in our service, should so cast us down as to shut our eye to our acceptance in the Beloved.

Imperfections we would not overlook, sin we would not allow, disobedience we would not indulge, temptation we would not encourage; nevertheless, we would ever remember, for our encouragement that, in default of perfection in the most perfect of our own doings, we are fully and eternally complete in Jesus.”

— Octavius Winslow, The Sympathy of Christ

HT: Kevin Woodell