Thoughts on the Way Home

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love Revealed - A Book Recommendation

Since accepting a new job last fall as a special education teacher, along with a return to taking classes myself, I no longer find myself with as much time to read as I used to. The days of passing hours on end with a good book in hand are over, at least for a season. Along with this change has come a change in the kinds of books I seek out to read. I no longer have the time to wade through a lengthy tome searching for the four or five pieces of gold that may be found in it's pages. More and more I am turning to books that are densely packed with rich, Spiritual truth, and which present that truth in short chapters or sections that can easily be read through in a brief sitting.

One such book that I have been benefiting much from of late is Love Revealed by George Bowen. This work is a series of meditations on John 13-17, moving a verse or two at a time through this section of Scripture that has come to be called "The Upper Room Discourse." Each exposition is typically three or four pages long, but is densely packed with truth that is worthy of much reflection long after you put the book down. In fact, I dare say that I've gotten more out of the first few pages of this work than I have out of some entire books! Bowen has a way of drawing out truth from well-known passages in a way that clearly shows the fruit of much meditation on his part prior to putting pen to paper. If the book continues to be as rich as it has been so far, it will easily make my "short list" of must-reads, jumping up near The Works of John Murray. For those of you who know me, that is saying something!

All this to say that I heartily commend this book to you, and encourage you to check it out. Read it slowly and prayerfully, pausing often to stop and think about what is being said. Any time you put into it will be richly rewarded. Love Revealed can be ordered online from Harvey Christian Publishers, or it can be read online in its entirety, courtesy of Google Books. I plan to use excerpts from the book for future posts on the blog.