Thoughts on the Way Home

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Prov. 10:20

Prov 10:20-21

The tongue of the righteous is {as} choice silver,
The heart of the wicked is {worth} little.

The lips of the righteous feed many,
But fools die for lack of understanding (lit. "heart").

I was just thinking how true this proverb is. The Christian has been given a real treasure from the Lord. It is a gift. We have a message of salvation and reconciliation that is worth much. The unregenerate man has no such message, no hope. Without God and without hope, the only things that are in their heart are sinful things (or even neutral things) that fade and aren't worth very much at all. In fact, they die for lack of "heart." That is, they don't have God in their heart, and thus, they don't have eternal life.

The Christian is so different. The heart of a Christian is full of the love and grace of God. Not only does it bless them in infinite eternal measure, but it also spills over and feeds many.

I think the exhortation then would be to let what is in your heart come out of your lips. Though many times when around the lost words aren't immediately necessary, or fitting the situation, these verses specifically mention the tongue and the lips (and not the hands). Share and speak what is in your heart. You have a treasure. You have food. Thank you Lord for this gift! Help us not to sleep in the time of harvest (10:5).