Thoughts on the Way Home

Monday, April 07, 2008

Preaching about Hell at a Funeral

Christians are often upset when a dumb preacher gets up and "preaches into heaven" a person that was clearly lost. And they are right to get upset. But, it occurred to me the other day, that based on Luke 16:27-28, that a deceased lost person would probably be the most angry out of anyone at the flowery feel-good message. Being in hell and now conscious of every reality they lived their life ignoring, they would now gladly have their friends and families know the truth. They wouldn't care how much it offended people.

May the truth of hell and this section of God's word embolden you to preach as a "dying man to dying men," be it to relatives, colleagues, or total strangers.

Let the world forsake and leave me... they have left my Savior too...