Thoughts on the Way Home

Monday, March 23, 2009

Advancing in the Estimate of His Humility - George Bowen


George Bowen on Jesus washing the disciples' feet:

Christ's acts of humiliation are to be estimated by the dignity of the agent, and inasmuch as the dignity surpasses conception, the condescension of this act also surpasses conception. In eternity, as we advance in the knowledge of Christ's glory, so shall we advance in the estimate of His humility. It is evident that we do not yet understand the action that is here recorded. We have not attained unto a proper understanding of that height of glory from which He descended in order to perform the acts of His earthly ministry. It is good for us to remember, as we read each narrative of the Gospel, that into the hand of Jesus the Father had given all things, and that He came from God and went to God.

-George Bowen, Love Revealed, Pg. 14