Thoughts on the Way Home

Monday, March 23, 2009

"Is This All? I Will Do This." - George Bowen


With his poor, wrecked soul, man staggers in the presence of Jesus, expecting to behold a series of acts in all respects unlike what man performs, and to his amazement beholds Him pouring water into a basin and washing the feet of certain Galileans. He says, "Is this all? I will do this." Wilt thou do this? Thou must first go up to the throne of God and sit there, and then come down holy, harmless and undefiled. Thou seest no beauty in this act? The acknowledgment is thine own severest condemnation. It shows thee unregenerate, a denizen of the defiled and disorganized world in which sinners dwell.

-George Bowen, Love Revealed, Pg. 15