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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Justification & Regeneration - 3rd Edition


Justification & Regeneration by Charles Leiter is now available in an expanded 3rd edition, and can be ordered from Monergism Books or directly from the publisher, Granted Ministries Press. This edition contains a new appendix dealing with frequently asked questions. Here is the new appendix for those who have an older edition of the book (click the arrow in the upper right to go full screen):

This book has been utterly foundational for all of us at Thoughts on the Way, and I would highly encourage anyone who has not read it to check it out. For more information, see the product pages linked to above, as well as THIS review from Nathan Pitchford at, and THIS one from Mason.

Yesterday, I asked Charles if he could summarize the main burdens of the book in two sentences. Here was his reply:

1. The Christian has a permanent standing of acceptance and favor with God, not because of his performance, but because of the righteousness of Another.

2. Growth in the Christian life is not by striving to become someone you're not, but by believing the reality of what God has already made you to be in the miracle of regeneration.

That's as good of a summary of the book as you're going to get!

HT: Chad T. for granting permission to post the new appendix.