Thoughts on the Way Home

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two From Ravenhill


The Mystery and Majesty of the Incarnation

It seems to me that the offense of the Incarnation is that it defies analysis and therefore is thrown out by the wisdom of this present age. "The Word became Flesh"- there is no known answer to this in the scientist’s test tube and laboratory. So what science cannot explain is discounted and is even scorned.

But, bless the Lord, the Invisible became visible. The Ancient of Days has His beginning of human days, and of all places, in a Bethlehem manger.

But it was not the manger of the Christmas cards. Logically, if the inn was crowded, then the stable would have been crowded too, with all kinds of animals, so it would have been full of dung and offensive odor.

And it was there that the Lord of glory came for us and for our salvation. Here is mystery and majesty. Wise men came and worshipped Him. They still do today, for no one is wise who rejects Christ. The shepherds came to bow to the Great Shepherd and Bishop of our souls. So must we.

A Channel to Bless the World

I have thought much this Christmas season about the Lord being born of Mary. He could have come down as Elijah went up, in a chariot of fire. The Jews would have received Him then. But God took Mary--her body, her emotions, her substance and all she had, and through her He gave us His Son. In the same way, He blesses the world, not merely by what we say, but by what we offer. He takes what we have and through it, makes a channel to bless others.

We are to be broken bread and poured out wine, that through us by the indwelling Spirit, others are reached. Channels only, blessed Master.

-Leonard Ravenhill

HT: Mack Tomlinson