Thoughts on the Way Home

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Gospel Edwards Preached

Owen/Strachen note, "This paragraph (below) is perhaps the most important in the book. It provides one of the most concise summaries of the gospel Edwards gave in his ministry."

"When Christ had once undertaken with God, to stand for us, and put himself under our law, by that law he was obliged to suffer, and by the same law he was obliged to obey: by the same law, after he had taken man's guilt upon him, he himself being our surety, could not be acquitted, till he had suffered, nor rewarded till he had obeyed: but he was not acquitted as a private person, but as our head, and believers are acquitted in his acquittance; nor was he accepted to a reward for his obedience as a private person, but as our head, and we are accepted to a reward in his acceptance. The Scripture teaches us, that when Christ was raised from the dead, he was justified; which justification as I have already shown, implies, both his acquittance from our guilt, and his acceptance to the exaltation and glory that was the reward of his obedience: but believers, as soon as they believe are admitted to partake with Christ in this his justification: hence we are told that he was 'raised again for our justification'" (Romans 4:25). Jonathan Edwards on True Christianity, 81