Thoughts on the Way Home

Saturday, May 22, 2010

True Peace - Edwards

The following is an excellent reminder. The Christian is the only person on earth who can truly deal with reality with both eyes open and leave peace. On the contrary, the non-Christian spends most of his time trying to escape reality through worldly distractions.

"But with respect to the peace which Christ gives, reason is its great friend: the more that faculty is exercised, the more is it established; the more they consider and view things with truth and exactness, the firmer is their comfort and the higher their joy. How vast a difference is this, between [a Christian and a worldling]! How miserable are they who can't enjoy peace any otherwise than by hiding their eyes from the light and confining themselves to darkness, whose peace is properly stupidity: as the ease which a man has that has taken a dose of stupefying poison, and the ease and pleasure that a drunken man may have in an house on fire over his head, or the joy of a distracted man in thinking that he is a king, though a miserable wretch confined in Bedlam. Whereas, the peace that Christ gives to his true disciples is the light of life: something of the tranquility of heaven, the peace of the celestial paradise that has the glory of God to lighten it." Jonathan Edwards on the Good Life, 118-119