Thoughts on the Way Home

Friday, October 08, 2010

"Start Again"


“Start Again”


Whenever you awake,

instead of playing dead,

you kick-start your remaining strength

to coax yourself from bed,

and wish with spirit growing thin

that you could start again.

So few the years behind,

so many stretching out.

You find no reason left to plod

along that weary route.

For all you see is yet more sin.

But could you start again?

From depths within, you yearn

to go back to the first,

to purge your mind and heart and will

from qualities you’ve cursed,

which scarred you far beneath the skin.

If you could start again . . .

You’d tether all your trust

to God’s unfailing word,

and cast on Him your ev’ry care,

believing you were heard,

so hope would rule your heart within—

if you could start again.

You’d listen twice as much

before you’d use your voice,

and certainly you’d search things out

to guard the simplest choice,

your wisdom lifting up your chin—

if you could start again.

You would renounce despair

the moment you were born,

rejoice in ev’ry gift of God

be it a rose or thorn,

display your full-contended grin—

if you could start again.

But why—why should you

entrust your hopes to themes

like fresh beginnings, second winds—

such adolescent dreams?

No matter your desire within,

you couldn’t start again.

Though your position’s poor,

it still is all you own.

From failure you must yet pursue

your white, eternal throne.

You groan to see today begin,

but here you start again.

-Stan Choate